Bad Attitudes: An Uninspiring Podcast About Disability

Bonus Episode: The Not-An-Episode Episode

October 30, 2022 Laura Stinson Season 2 Episode 33
Bad Attitudes: An Uninspiring Podcast About Disability
Bonus Episode: The Not-An-Episode Episode
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A little announcement about what's next for Bad Attitudes.


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[rock guitar music]

MALE VO [00:03]
This is Bad Attitudes.

[rock guitar music]

LAURA [00:20]

Hello friends and strangers and welcome to a special not-an-episode episode of Bad Attitudes: An Uninspiring Podcast About Disability. I’m your host, Laura.

Since this isn’t a regular episode, I’m going to skip all the preamble-y stuff I normally do and just jump right in. This isn’t an episode so much as an announcement. I’ve decided to take an extended holiday break for the rest of 2022, producing no new episodes until after the first of the year.

You may have noticed that I’ve had a difficult time keeping new episodes coming out on a regular basis. Between Covid and technical problems and just general life, things have been challenging. And I’m feeling burnt out.

I’ve had a hard time focusing on certain things. Even writing this super short non-episode feels like a mountainous effort. Additionally, my primary business on Etsy has been struggling and as that is my main source of income, it has to take priority. I’ve been giving it a lot of time and energy, and as a result, other projects have suffered, namely the podcast.

So instead of beating myself up about it, I’ve decided to give myself permission to take a break. I’ve produced 32 episodes this year, which is something I am proud of. Considering it’s just me doing all the writing, recording, editing, uploading, marketing, and social media, that’s no small feat. As a recovering overachiever and perfectionist, I’m still learning that it’s okay to not do EVERYTHING. I’m also a recovering control freak, but that recovery is going a lot more slowly.

I’m not disappearing completely. I’ll still be posting on social media (although, let’s be honest, I’m not great at that at the best of times) and you should always feel free to reach out either through social media or email. I relish the contact I have with you even if it sometimes takes me a while to respond.

I’m hoping by taking this time off, I can refocus on new episode ideas and maybe even start working on the merchandise designs I’ve had sitting in the back of my head for over two years now! I’ve got so many cool and snarky design ideas that I just haven’t had the opportunity to implement.

And, really and truly, my brain needs a break. Mental exhaustion is just as real as physical exhaustion, and if I try to push myself through it, I’m going to end up resenting this podcast, which I refuse to do. This project means so much to me because it has given me an opportunity to connect with so many of you and to bring voice to your concerns as members of the disabled community. I don’t want it to fall by the wayside, which it will do if I try to force it.

So, if you’re new here, now will be a great time for you to go back and get caught up on all past episodes! If you’re all caught up, be sure to tell me what you’d like for me to talk about in 2023. (Seriously, how is it almost 2023? How?)

Thank you for your patience with me the past few weeks, and for understanding my need for this time off. 

Until then, thanks for listening and I’ll talk to you in the next one.

[rock guitar music]